Middle School Vision Statement


In order to contribute to the success of the Niskayuna School District Mission, our Niskayuna Middle Schools will engage the community of students, staff and parents to:
  • provide a nurturing environment for students to build a strong sense of self, community, and responsibility as they transition from childhood to adolescence 
  • provide an educational program that challenges and supports all students based on their developmental, academic, and personal needs 
  • help students develop interpersonal skills and respect for the uniqueness of one another 
  • help students develop the learning and thinking skills necessary to become life-long learners

Background of Vision Statement Development:

Our Vision Statement was the culmination of a year-long effort by both Van Antwerp and Iroquois Middle School staff, teachers, parents and students. This Vision Statement was written to support the Niskayuna Central School District Mission Statement:

Empower each individual to make responsible choices, meet challenges, achieve personal success, and contribute to a global society.

The Middle School Vision Statement was originally developed by a team of middle school staff, students, and parents. The first round of feedback was sought at the end of the 2006 school year from faculty and staff. Each word and phrase was carefully considered and debated at the monthly Middle Schools’ Shared Decision Making (SDM) Team meetings. As we ended 2006 and entered 2007, a draft version was formalized. The draft was then presented to three audiences:
  • teachers and staff at both schools during faculty meetings;
  • students in small group discussions (moderated by a SDM member); and
  • parents in PTO meeting presentations, in written form within letters to parents and via survey on the Iroquois and Van Antwerp PTO websites.
Thoughtful feedback was obtained from all three groups and enthusiastically discussed by the team. The Middle Schools Shared Decision Making Team would like to thank the faculty, students and parents from both schools for their interest and input in this project. This Vision can now be used to share our goals for the schools with others, and as a basis for strategic planning and decision making.