Volunteer for the Iroquois PTO

Iroquois PTO Volunteers
 are the parents and staff who make the PTO events, programs, fundraisers, and homeroom activities happen, and work to keep the Birchwood Community informed of these and all other topics of importance to parents and students. 

 So you've decided to volunteer? Welcome!
To start, visit the Volunteer SignUp (not available yet for the 2018-2019 school year!) site. Our Signup Genius is up for most of the school year, and there are opportunities to help out with individual events all the way through the last day of school!
There are short descriptions of each position's duties on the Signup Genius site.  Once you've browsed, you can sign up right there (email required).
If you have questions about a position, or can't sign up by email, contact us at iroquois@niskypto.org and we'll be happy to help.

I've signed up--now what?
When you sign up, an email is sent to the PTO to let us know. Our e-Postmaster will forward your information to the chair of the committee you have signed up for (or to an officer if you have signed up to chair a committee yourself.)  If you don't hear from anyone within a couple of days, please email  iroquois@niskypto.org and let us know.

Committee/Chair Guidelines & Forms
Communications and publicity are a very important part of managing PTO events and programs. Because of the large volume of communications, there are deadlines for requesting emails and posts. All Chairs should be aware of policies in the Iroquois MS PTO Communications Guide, which can be viewed here. Please keep a copy handy for reference.
Committee-specific guidelines and forms are saved on the Iroquois PTO Google Drive so that successive Chairs can edit them and don't have to start from scratch! Chairs should contact the PTO Secretary at iroquois@niskypto.org to request access to the forms.