Modified Girls

All Year: 

The modified program is designed to offer students the opportunity to engage in a more highly opganized competitive experience than what is found in intramural/extramural programs but not as involved as those found in varsity and junior varsity interscholastic competition. The following Modified Sports teams are offered to 7th & 8th grade girls throughout the school year. Students try-out for these more selective sports teams. 

Field Hockey: September - October
Coach JoAnn Sabourin (

Soccer: September - October
Coach Jennifer Deeb (

JV Tennis: September - October
Coach Sarah Neely (

Swimming: November - February
Coach Dan Matthews (

JV Bowling: November - Feburary
Carol Baldwin at (

Basketball: November - February
Coach Morgan Schewe at (

Lacrosse: March - June
Coach Alison Broomhead at (

Softball: March - June
Coach Dave Foucault or Coach Sarah Neely (

Crew: March - June